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About Us

Here at MN Fishing we will provide all the information you need to catch more fish.  This will do much more than a fishing report.  

All you need to do is enter what county, season, and species you're after and we'll supply you with proven information to help.

Fishing is never guaranteed, but you can feel confident that these spots have produced fish in the past, and will again in the future.  My fishing group has spent countless hours on the water finding spots that consistently produce fish.  Why give out this precious information?  The joy in fishing for us is in the hunt finding new spots to fish.  It is very rewarding going somewhere you've never been and being able to find and catch fish.  That has been our passion over the past two decades. We have tried to fish as many lakes as possible and find fish in as many spots on those lakes as we could.This site started as a way for me to document the information on fishing spots so that I could save them for the future without losing the details.  A very large journal, stacks of maps, and a full GPS were used to compile all the information.  Now as life gets busier with other obligations, the fishing time is diminishing.  I’m sure most anglers have experienced the same thing.  I would like to share what I’ve learned over the years and not let it go to waste if I don’t have as much time to fish.  This way I can search the database and retrieve information on spots that I may not fish for ten years.  My children andgrandchildren will also be able to search the database and find places to go and fish to enjoy the outdoors.  I would like the same for all other anglers as well.

Please remember to practice selective harvest!  The resources we all love must be protected by those of us who use them.  Keep a few of the smaller fish to eat with your family, and release the larger breeding fish.  It only takes a few fish to make a meal.  Your goal for any day of fishing should be to catch your limit of fish, not to keep your limit of fish.  By practicing selective harvest, we can continue to protect our beloved fish for years to come.

The information on this site will be available to members only.  It is necessary to be able to fund the submission of new spots.  We can create a fishing group of friends between the members.  Ask other anglers you know if they are members, and which spots they have submitted or tried.  This site will continue to grow.  More spots will become available at a lake near you.  Until then, take a vacation to these other beautiful lakes. 

––MN Fishing Spots

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